Through our experiences in creating events, we believe that innovation is the basis of surprise and happiness. At our events, you always find us out of the box.

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Our services

The Thirty Lines team offers many services in a professional manner to clients, with high quality and competitive price for  all of our clients.

licensed company

In a short period of time, we were able to attract clients with well-established names in the market, and we presented distinguished works, so we were proud to present them with works

Adjustment date organizer

Details of services

Each service employs several teams in terms of subject areas and experiences to ensure that our client is enriched by a unique experience.

Our Services

internal communication events

Through our experiences in creating events, we believe that innovation is the basis of surprise and happiness.   At our events, we always get outside the box .

  • Preparing monthly events
  • Preparing official events
  • Gift processing
  • Processing of information materials
Crowd management

Through our experience in managing events, we believe that the organization of the human component is the basis for success of the event. for that, thirty lines is considered to be one of the earliest bodies to be accredited by the Saudi Arabian General Entertainment Authority for event organization and crowd’s management .

  • Guidance and guidance regulators
  • Safety
  • VIP reception
  • VIP protection
  • Organizers at information stations

Because we aim to provide the best hospitality to our clients

  • We Provide high quality supplies
  • We Provide officials to receive VIPs
  • We Design and execute uniforms that reflect the identity of the event
Design and implementation of events

Thirty lines designs and implements events of all kinds through an integrated system to complete the process.

  • Event Management
  • Event design
  • Event planning
  • Event implementation
  • Artistic production
  • Logistics
Providing event management advice

Our consulting service is the most sought-after service of Thirty Lines due to the practical experience of our employees, with 20 years’ worth of experience.• Event consulting• Event registration systems• Visitor registration and badge printing• Visitor data registration system• employees management system with the determination of the permitted areas• Electronic system for issuing cards for visitors and employees• The system of sending notices to visitors.• Electronic bracelet system

visitors management system
  • Pre-booking and walk in registration
  • QR code for check in and check out
  • Designing and printing of visitor badges
  • SMS and E-mail integration for notifications

Statistics & information

numbers are a global standard by which the success of the organizations is measured, so the Thirty Lines team was keen to achieve the biggest numbers and proudly in a short time.

Service more than

+ 158000


More than

+ 624

working hour

More than

+ 27000 Thousand

Certified Organizers

More than

+ 15


Hospitality more than

+ 600


Cover more than

+ 4

Regions of the Kingdom


We are always keen to provide our clients with experience prior to service, and our team is proud to share with you our top clients.

Success Partners

With alliances, organizations becomee more professional and flexible, so we have made sure attain strategic relationships with several prominent actors and activists in their field.