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1.internal communication events


A full range of elements that complement your activities and achieve your goals, we offer you the necessary solutions through the research and innovations of the specialized team, including:

  • Preparing monthly events

  • Preparing formal events

  • Creatively prepare promotional gifts

  • Preparing VVIP Gifts

  • Designing exceptional gifts for companies and organizations

  • Preparing media materials

  • Building Effective Strategies

  • Entertainment Event Preparation

  • Activating International Days

  • Organize and manage internal annual meetings.

2. Corporate communication activities


We contribute to the growth of the exhibitions and conferences sector through our endeavour to develop this industry with an innovative creative team and professional methods, thus upgrading the sector with all its elements,  components,  capabilities, and organization.

Corporate communication activities divided into four main lines:

  • Conferences

  •  exhibitions

  •  design and implementation of publications

  •  hospitality and reception services.


Organizing the event with full technical equipment from sound systems (or audio output units) and visual systems with high accuracy and various measurements and optical systems internally and externally for all types of theaters and events, in addition to interviewers and translators specialized in the field of the event, leading to the organization of the audience and the entry process.



Organizing exhibitions with their various activities from A to Z in attractive and striking ways, including the implementation and design of exhibition pavilions comprehensively or independently.


Implementation and   design of publications

Design and implement publications that complement your exhibitions and conferences with high efficiency and with specialized designers, in addition to providing innovative gifts to visitors.


Hospitality & Reception Services

Preparing and arranging receptions with a tight strategy, and distinctive hospitality services on request and commensurate with your event.

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