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1.Event management and organization

1. Event Management & Organization


We are proud of our long experience and expertise and being one of the first entities accredited by the General Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of organizing and managing crowds in events, where we manage and organize crowds by designing an effective and integrated operational plan that ensures the management of the movement of people smoothly and safely, with  avoiding any expected risks.


We rely on trained and specialized organizers in several services:

·Preparing an integrated operational plan

·Logistic services

·Event site traffic management and crowd safety

·Guidance and Counseling Organizers and Translators

·VIP receptionist

·VIP Protection

2.E-Registration Services


At 30 Lines, we provide  an integrated system that contains flexible options, easy to reach your guests and employees as well, and achieves your goals quickly and with minimal effort and time.

System Features: 

Event visitor registration
Issuing visitor and team cards 
Event Bracelets 
On-site registration 
Issuing and sending electronic security invitations

2.electronic registration services

3. Send invitations.


Because we are keen to integrate into 30 Lines, we  provide you with all the solutions for your events, as we design printed invitations with innovative and unique designs to send to your guests.


3.sending invitations.
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